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The Tale of Megabot Transoid

While the group travels back from their adventures at the Temple of Bain, the group notices that Therigan and Megabot Transoid have been spending a lot of time talking about Megabot’s background. While learning about Megabot’s past, Therigan realizes that Gerithol, one of his master’s friends who happens to live in the area, might be able to shed some light on various questions that Megabot has.

The party stops in Gerithol’s town just in time for the Harvest Moon Festival; however Slashback notices the townspeople appear less jovial than would be expected. Megabot goes with Therigan to speak with Gerithol and the rest of the group goes to the nice tavern in town, looking for some spirits, gambling and a place to rest. Upon entering the local tavern, As’Kra’Ken finds that his purse is 500 gp light and sets out with Reiv and Rhasgar to find the cut-purse responsible. While the group rectifies this wrong in the bloodiest way possible, the rest of the party learns a local gambling game and some additional local news.

Megabot returns with directions to a destination which might hold the key to his past along with Mirena, a pale looking female rogue who will help guide the party to the lost Gnomish palace up in the Spinesnap Mountains. Megabot also tells the group that Therigan will be staying here to work on some magical items along with Gerithol.

Bell, sitting away for the rest of the group notices a gruff looking gnome seems to take interest in the party after Megabot’s return. The gnome quickly leaves seeming to be certain the group will be sticking around for some time.

The rest of the group sitting at the poker table discover that over the last couple months, raiders have been stealing cattle and sheep, the towns main source of wealth. Some whispers believe that the Cult of Bain might be responsible, hearing that they have been attacking the countryside however no one is sure. After successfully cheating the few gambling townspeople out of their yearly savings, the group is called to the cow pens where an attack is taking place.

When they get to the pen, the group finds a frenzied werewolf killing cattle, likely the source of the missing cattle over the past couple months. The group quickly dispatches the lone werewolf quickly and returns to the tavern receiving free drinks and lodging for their good work.

As the troupe leaves town the next morning, Bell again notices the gruff looking Gnome near the exit of town. The gnome is with two other gnomes in what appears to be a caravan of some sort. While the party travels the road into the Spinesnap Mountain, they realize they are being followed by the Gnome Caravan. The group allows the caravan to approach and engages them in conversation. The caravan demand that Megabot be turned over to them and threaten physical harm if the group fails to do so.

Although the group believes this to be an idle threat, the party quickly finds they are surrounded and outnumbered. Odds against them, everyone kept their head and safely defeated the gnome threat earning themselves a new caravan.

As the group approach the ruins of the Gnomish palace, Mirena tells the group about some old dwellings that might be used to avoid the gnome lookouts along the mountain path. This plan is accepted quickly after finding that the gnomes have been warned about their advance. While climbing the ruins, the party finds some loot left behind and artifacts suggesting a dragon named Zanathakala might be in the area. Slash also finds a curious horn with a dragon carved into it.

Despite failing to drop a wall on unsuspecting guards near the entrance to the palace, the party is able to use the gnomish defenses against themselves and lock the main gate ensuring they can assault the palace without worrying about their backs.

The party enters the palace and finds more gnomes and gnomish devices attempting to prevent their advance. The group uses its wits to avoid various traps and dangers but is completely exhausted and afraid they will be unable to defeat a dragon with what is left in their reserves. Mirena makes a fortuitous discovery behind an ancient tapestry discovering a passage to a lost ancient library with a warforged librarian named PZ (Patient Zero).

PZ tells the group about the history of the palace and how this was one of the main forges which created warforged. After the time of tears, the knowledge of their creation was given back to the warforged and the great gnomish forge was sealed, the keys given to the 5 heads of the Warforged. Megabot discovers that his creator and master had one of the keys and wonders if this might have something to do with why the gnomes originally abducted him.

The group decides to seal the entrance since the library has been lost for so long and it is likely safe enough to rest in its confines. Certain party members take more advantage than others of their time in the library, however everyone is able to gain some benefit. After the party rests, they enter the dragon’s chamber and quickly realize that the entire floor is trapped. In a moment of brilliance, Slash remembers the horn and blows it. A deafening noise echos through the hall and the horn crumbles into dust but the loss is not in vein; it unfortunately affects Rhasgar however it significantly damages Zanathakala as well. The blow of the horn changes the tide of the battle and after it, the party takes care of the dragon fairly quickly.

At the far end of the chamber, the party finds the dragon’s loot. It appears that any of the remaining magical items in the palace was collected and brought to this place so that Zanathakala could keep an eye on it. The group also sees a statue of a warforged which appears to have four distinct metal components attached to it, but is missing a set of arms. Upon remembering PZ’s story, Megabot asks the group to help him detach his arms and place them on the statue. Once the arms are in place, the statue comes to life and opens a giant door which was concealed in the wall of the mountain.

Behind the door sits a gigantic forge as well as a giant machine with the gnomish word “Father” on its side which seems to be unfinished. For the most part, the forge itself is fairly empty however there are a couple warforged components sitting on a shelf including a arm with a charrikal head for a hand and another arm with a shinny blue steel hand. The other interesting thing found is a set of notes which seem to make absolutely no sense at all. Megabot remembered Therigan talking about how some artificers code their notes and decides to take them with him.

When the group returns to Gerithol’s turn after their battle, they are given instructions from Therigan to meet him in the Broken City expressing he has learned something that the group will find very interesting. After getting fully stocked on travel supplies, the group begins the the next chapter heading out to the Broken City.

Heathen Part II
Mayhem at the Headquarters of the Hand of Naarash

Following Jaryn‘s trail, the group arrived at the affluent outpost of Adakmi. Hiring a moonboat captained by a local dwarf, the group made their way up the Moonsfall river until they reached the Pillars of Night. infiltrated the cultist camp by posing as cultists themselves. Here the group learned with certainty that the cult was now being led by the disillusioned paladin Jaryn. While trying to acquire information about the cult’s leadership, the group was asked to lead some religious ceremonies. On their way to the ceremony, the group was identified by a doppleganger assassin who had escaped from a previous battle. The group made their way through the ancient Pillars of Night. After a few battles with some ancient defenses of the temple, the group defeated Jaryn’s personal guard and Jaryn himself.

Once the paladin was slain, the demon Balgura Naarash appeared, demanding someone from the group accept the newly vacated role as his champion. Immediately multiple group members offered their services, but the demon only laughed, pointed at Bell, then the group fell unconscious.

A couple days later, members of the group regained consciousness, and made their way back to the moonboat and its waiting captain. After a few days of uneventful travel, the group returned to Adakmi, where they were given a hero’s welcome as word of the cult’s demise had traveled back to the outpost quickly.

Heathen part 1
Cult of Bane Terrorizes the Outskirts

The crew is running a mundane errand towards the outskirts of the City of Guilds when by coincidence they intervene when a Hand of Naarash death squad attacks a group of refugees fleeing from the frontier. After routing the surprised cultists, the group is commissioned by a local cleric to aid in the fight against the Hand of Naarash cult. They are asked to seek out Jaryn, a paladin who himself seeked to locate the Pillars of Night, where the cult headquarters are located. The group travels north and east from the City of Guilds, following Jaryn‘s trail. They question townsfolk in the sparsely populated outskirts, hearing rumors of Jaryn’s travels, and his vows to destroy the cultists.

The group encounters townsfolk involved in weapon smuggling for the cult, while simultaneously overcoming cult smugglers. After an attack by a group of doppleganger assassins disguised as Jaryn, the location of the Black March is discovered- the path which leads the Pillars of Night, the headquarters of the Hand of Naarash, and perhaps even Jaryn..?

The Mayhem Begins
First Round

In the first adventure, the trading and exploration company that has yet to be named, took a job from the City Guild in the City of Guilds. Investigating an abandoned warehouse known to be a ‘lovers lane’ for local teens they find evidence of murder most foul. Ghosts of women, one a troll and the other an ogre, were found weeping and wailing over lost love. One was destroyed after she became beligerent and the other was released to full death through conversation. The party learned that each had been dating the same two young men and went to have words with them. Neither admitted to murdering the gals but both recalled something strange about the warehouse. Details gathered from the young men lead to the discovery of a secret room in the warehouse which lead downstairs. A cloaked man, gibbering about being jilted, assaulted the team but was quickly slaughtered.


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