Rotating Homebrew

Heathen part 1

Cult of Bane Terrorizes the Outskirts

The crew is running a mundane errand towards the outskirts of the City of Guilds when by coincidence they intervene when a Hand of Naarash death squad attacks a group of refugees fleeing from the frontier. After routing the surprised cultists, the group is commissioned by a local cleric to aid in the fight against the Hand of Naarash cult. They are asked to seek out Jaryn, a paladin who himself seeked to locate the Pillars of Night, where the cult headquarters are located. The group travels north and east from the City of Guilds, following Jaryn‘s trail. They question townsfolk in the sparsely populated outskirts, hearing rumors of Jaryn’s travels, and his vows to destroy the cultists.

The group encounters townsfolk involved in weapon smuggling for the cult, while simultaneously overcoming cult smugglers. After an attack by a group of doppleganger assassins disguised as Jaryn, the location of the Black March is discovered- the path which leads the Pillars of Night, the headquarters of the Hand of Naarash, and perhaps even Jaryn..?


pokenopoly Midibouncer

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