Rotating Homebrew

Heathen Part II

Mayhem at the Headquarters of the Hand of Naarash

Following Jaryn‘s trail, the group arrived at the affluent outpost of Adakmi. Hiring a moonboat captained by a local dwarf, the group made their way up the Moonsfall river until they reached the Pillars of Night. infiltrated the cultist camp by posing as cultists themselves. Here the group learned with certainty that the cult was now being led by the disillusioned paladin Jaryn. While trying to acquire information about the cult’s leadership, the group was asked to lead some religious ceremonies. On their way to the ceremony, the group was identified by a doppleganger assassin who had escaped from a previous battle. The group made their way through the ancient Pillars of Night. After a few battles with some ancient defenses of the temple, the group defeated Jaryn’s personal guard and Jaryn himself.

Once the paladin was slain, the demon Balgura Naarash appeared, demanding someone from the group accept the newly vacated role as his champion. Immediately multiple group members offered their services, but the demon only laughed, pointed at Bell, then the group fell unconscious.

A couple days later, members of the group regained consciousness, and made their way back to the moonboat and its waiting captain. After a few days of uneventful travel, the group returned to Adakmi, where they were given a hero’s welcome as word of the cult’s demise had traveled back to the outpost quickly.


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