Rotating Homebrew

The Mayhem Begins

First Round

In the first adventure, the trading and exploration company that has yet to be named, took a job from the City Guild in the City of Guilds. Investigating an abandoned warehouse known to be a ‘lovers lane’ for local teens they find evidence of murder most foul. Ghosts of women, one a troll and the other an ogre, were found weeping and wailing over lost love. One was destroyed after she became beligerent and the other was released to full death through conversation. The party learned that each had been dating the same two young men and went to have words with them. Neither admitted to murdering the gals but both recalled something strange about the warehouse. Details gathered from the young men lead to the discovery of a secret room in the warehouse which lead downstairs. A cloaked man, gibbering about being jilted, assaulted the team but was quickly slaughtered.


pokenopoly fourtykiller

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