At 6’0" and 200 pounds with a dull green hue to his flesh, As’kra’ken can be an intimidating sight. Good natured and a bit of a jokestir, he is very charismatic and a natural leader. His leadership skills seem to be a talent, something he was born with, and honed over years of leading traders about the world and more currently adventuring parties. He wears a gold coin around his neck, a symbol of his goddess Waukeen and firmly believes paying homage to her has granted him great fortune in his endeavors. As’kra’ken tries hard when in a party, whether it be adventurers or a trading caravan, to gain trust and friendship from them, believing this helps him in his role as leader. Not really one to follow, if As’kra’ken finds himself not in a leadership position while traveling with a group, he quickly finds himself making ‘suggestions’ to the current leadership and is quick to anger if his ‘advice’ isn’t heeded.


A causticsould genasi from the Everchanging Isles. As’kra’ken knew from an early age that he wanted to be a trader and when he became old enough, he joined trade ship from Port Highland as navigator, helping them navigate the Everchanging Isles on their trade route to Minamo. After a few years of this, boredom and the desire for adventure made him quit and set off on his own. Grabbing a horsedrawn cart, he bought some wares and set off into the world to make his fortune. He found the life to be a bit boring as it was always the same, arrive in town, sell your goods, buy more goods and leave, generally barely making a profit. While in the City of Guilds he joined a small group heading into an old ruin, battling the goblins there left his party with just him and one human left standing, but the loot they found was able to be sold for a small fortune. Realizing that adventuring gave him the excitement he had been craving, as well as selling treasures he was able to find being a more lucrative trade, As’kra’ken began hiring himself out to those who needed his services in finding old ruins and raiding them for their treasure. At some point he met a gnome named Slash who was like minded. The two seemed to get along fairly well and found that with their combined efforts in treasure raiding and the selling of these treasures was very profitable for the both of them. They quickly became full fledged business partners and have enjoyed their profits ever since.


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