A sixteen year old girl.


Standing 5’4" and weighing only 95 pounds this quiet sixteen year old seems fragile. She contrasts her pale complection with her dark attire and hair. She seems older than she is, being around her for only a little while, it is easy to tell she has already seen many hardships and horrors in her young life. She tries her best to avoid attention and seems content to stay in the shadow of others. You could guess she is hiding something about her nature, or at the very least about her past, but what that could be is anyones guess.


Bell was kidnapped at an early age, she was forced to perform unspeakable acts for her necromancer slavemaster. He was a sick man who desired an apprentince, which he forced Bell to become. A band of adventurers eventually attacked the tomb which her master was using as a stronghold. She managed to run when the fighting started and escaped. She wandered the nearby lands, hiding and running until she came across a trade caravan. No one seemed to mind her tagging along, and she was happy to have some semblance of protection. She has been with them ever since, though has mentioned nothing of this sorted past, and many do not ask her about such, after all a sixteen year old girl travelling the world alone must have a very good reason to do such.


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