A gnome of average size and in somewhat advanced age, Schwalb usually carries a mishmash of equipment on him for whatever the occasion.


Schwalb traveled the land in search of its magical secrets. As he became older, Schwalb started thinking of what his legacy would be in the event he were to pass. Contemplating this while studying the magical properties of portals in the Broken City, Schwalb met a smart Githyanki who just arrived to this world. Sensing that this Gith name Therigan was strong in magical potential, he invited this young man to study with him. Perhaps this was how he could guarantee his legacy; passing his knowledge on to another.

While teaching Therigan various magical secrets, Schwalb made an interesting discovery based on some information he had previously overlooked in his studies regarding Warforged. Schwalb knew that this knowledge was contentious but couldn’t help becoming obsessed. He made the decision to not share these secret with anyone else and carefully coded his notes so that not even his student and closest friend would be able to decode them. Although Therigan would know is the subject of his studies, he should never be able to figure out content which would hopefully keep him safe.

Nearing the conclusion of his research, Schwalb went missing leaving behind only his coded notes and many of his magical possessions. Therigan, discovering his Master was missing, took his Masters research notes and hid was was left of his Master’s belongings in a safe location in the event that he would ever need them. Therigan is now driven to discover his master’s secrets and to find what happened to Schwalb.



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