Therigan, like other Githyanki, has pale green skin and a head with dark black hair. He stands in at 6' 2" tall and is of a slender build.


Originally from the Astral Sea, Therigan came to this world through the Broken City in search for this worlds secrets. He specializes in a defensive style while wielding his Glaive supplimenting his attacks with his natural magical abilities. Although stout in battle, the thing that Therigan most excels at is infusing mundane items with magical power.

Upon arriving in this world, Therigan stumbled upon a gnome named Schwalb who was a Master Artificer studying the Broken City to enhance his Artificer abilities. Therigan studied under Schwalb and the two traveled much of the land becoming friends. During their travels, Schwalb developed an interest in the Warforged, conducting various magical experiments trying to get a better understanding for their properties and was nearly complete with his research when he disappeared. Therigan, who was away mastering his own style of magical infusion, is now searching for his lost friend and Master. Upon reviewing Schwalb’s notes, he too developed an interested in Warforged but is very careful in this pursuit believing it possibly has something to do with his Masters disappearance.


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